Pastoral Care

The primary purpose of Pastoral Care programs is to promote the full physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of students. It also addresses the cultural diversity, mutual understanding and a sense of belonging that fosters school spirit and promotes the social well being of each student. Pastoral Care plays an imperative role in facilitating Pinnacle […]


The Student Representative Council at Pinnacle College works collaboratively and cooperatively to represent students’ interests and needs in various ways. The students take action to bring about positive changes and implement programs that will benefit the students, teachers and the whole school community.  Over the course of their leadership role in our school, students will […]

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education Our vision at Pinnacle College is to celebrate diversity and uniqueness in an innovative and inclusive learning environment. We aim to equip students with the confidence and skills to reach their full potential and meet the challenges of tomorrow as global citizens, leaders and innovators. The Inclusive Education department ensures that all students […]